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    We are a group of innovative baverage producers

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    We are a Young group of Creative producers Since 2010

    Who We are
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    We'll change your Idea of Date Fruit

    We try to be innovative with Date:

    A New Brand Specialized in developing, designing Date fruit Gust & Taste

    Who We are
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    Sweet and Fresh

    330 ml package of freshness & sweetness: A New Brand, A New experience of Taste!

    Who We are
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    Many possibilities to evolve "All over the World"

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About Us

LikeDat' Company is a young French based company, specialised in the conception, processing qnd industrial production of beverages, which objective is to propose an original product range, all from natural origin. Like Dat’ Company has launched its first drink essentially made of ‘Date’ Juice, which is related to the company’s trademark: likedat'.

« Our Date Juices are Like Dat’ Compagnie’s flagships, benefiting from a unique concept as much as in our receipes and the products we use. » Fethi Hakkar [Founder of Like Dat’ Compagnie]

Indeed, Dates are an excellent source of dietary fibers. The French National Cancer Institute recommends people to consume between 20-35 20 gr to 35 gr of dietary fibers per day which can be easer soluble or insoluble. Both play an essential role for the metabolic pathway.

An Original Taste

Precious amber beads bringing the taste of a unique flavour that will let you with an unforgettable souvenir.

A culinary journey that will give a true moment of pleasure and will regenerate your body by providing you with the necessary
balance of power throughout the day.

"Date" is one of the best natural source of potassium :
which is an essential mineral for your body to avoid muscle soreness. It is necessary to maintain the nervous system and so it balances your metabolism.

You want know where to get some "Date juice"?

Like Dat' "Date-Mango and Date-Mint" on store!

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Our Products

Our investments in terms of researches and creativity allowed us to launch some new innovative and nonexistent products within the international Markets.
DATE is one of the only fruit in the world that remains unexploited
through various processing of dates such as juices, or others. People only know dates as a fruit or as a paste or syrup.
In 2015, our LIKE DAT’ FORMULA has been recognized and approved as
a healthy and diet-conscious product by the Competent Authorities.


Sweet, Juicy and Healthy Date Fruit: LIKE DAT’ CLASSIC in 1 liter bottles or 330 ml

Indded, DATE is an excellent source of dietary fibers. The American Cancer Society recommends consuming 20 to 35 grams of dietary fiber per day. Dates can be consumed in a soluble or insoluble way, which will fulfill in any case a useful function for the metabolic pathway.

Like Dat' Lemon n°1

1 Liter Size: "Because You Can Only Like That!" In the period of Hyper-Consumption that we are living in today and among the diversity of of industrial products that are proposed as far as beverages and juices are concerned, most of the times it is very difficult to figure out wich of these product will benefit your health! Like Dat’ objectives is to match with Consumers Requirements and this why we have elaborated for You a Delicous Date Juice which complies with all Your expectations that you will enjoy with all your family, relatives and friends.This 1 liter model was the First Date Juice to be designed and produced by Like Dat’ Company as Like Dat’

Like Dat' Lemon n°2

"330 ml size": « A taste of Inspiration » The Like Dat’ beverage made of Date Juice is all natural, invigorating and diet-conscious. Its original taste is a pleasure and unrivalled. DATE contains one of the most important trace element which is the Manganese. Moreover, plant food is the richest source of manganese. This trace element is part of the composition of many enzymes essential for several reactions in the organism.
Be it so, a lack or excesses of this trace element is very rare.
This 330 ml model is the Like Dat’ classic in a smaller size to respond to various demands as Like Dat’


LIKE DAT’ Mango (330 ml): Sweet, Fruity and Healthy LikeDat': LIKE DAT’ New Flavour and New Design

A Culinary Journey that will give a true moment of pleasure and will regenerate your body by providing you with the necessary balance of power throughout the day”. It is through such a philosophy that our range of products has been improved offering more sweetness and fruitiness to our DATE beverages!

With Like Dat’Date-Mango, you will drink one of the best natural source of Potassium with a more inspired taste!

LIKE DAT’ Mint (330 ml): Sweet, Fresh and Healthy LikeDat'

« New tastes for new sensations » ! To match Freshness and Sweetness is successful gamble and Like Dat’ Mint is the reply to such a beverage. Moreover, taking into consideration the soothing properties of Mint in addition to the diet fibers contained within Dates that help to balance the metabolism, such a beverage as Like Dat’ Mint will guarantee you healthy days with a sensation of freshness and sweetness unrivalled.

With Like Dat’ Date-Mint, you will have one of the best source of Magnesium and Potassium and enjoying an unrivalled taste!

LIKE DAT’ Lemon (330 ml) : Sweet, Juicy and Healthy LikeDat'

Dates are a rich source of nutriments, vitamines, minerals and trace elements. Eat dates, your health will thank you, dates are free from cholesterol and very low on fat. Also, there is a great amount of Iron within dates (3 mg for 100 grams of dates) which makes of Dates one of the best natural dietary supplement food mainly for people who suffer from anaemia.

With LikeDat' Date-Lemon, you will have one of the best source of Energy for an uncomparable taste!


Middle East Market

We have already produced our baverage collection for UAE.Like Dat' Collector is designed for the Middle East Market.

Pomegranate-Date and Fig-Date

And soon, we'll introduce new flavours: "Pomegranate-Date" and "Fig" Juice!

Our commercial references

Media Resume >> France Info, Les Echos...

Fethi Hakkar

The inventor of the First Date Juice is French ! Fethi Hakkar is only 27 years old when he finalises his project which took him four years of intense studies and researches. His project logically wins in 2013 ‘The International Microentrepreneurship Award’ category: Innovation & Entrepreneurship in France, delivered by Mr Jacques Attali, one of the greatest French Influencer and Economist.
Fethi hakkar: "‘Like Dat’ juices, made of dates, respect all European and French Norms and High Standards. The receipe has been formulated hand in hand with a Great French Research Center. All receipes have been approved and validated by independant laboratories concerning all Microbiological aspects."
Be it so, in 2015, some new projects have come true: Like Dat’ Company is targetting both the European and International markets.
Furthermore, Like Dat’ Company has launched new flavours for its Date Juices. Dates combined with other fruits into a juice such as: DATE / Mango or Mint or Fig or Pomegrenade or Blueberry...

All Around the World:

by BplusCom

Indeed, the date juice , one finds it seems, in some cities of the Middle East ! And now it is possible to buy in France! Besides being an artisanal production, you can find it in stores at " Intermarché , Water Fruit , many independent distributors " and abroad as " Dubai , England, Spain, Switzerland, etc...".

Our overseas costumers

  • France.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Spain.
  • Belgium.
  • Dubaï (United Arab Emirats).
  • "NEW" Australasia (AUSTRALIA).